This video gives you the tutorial for how to make the pieces and what you will need.

The full instructions for how it is made can be found on this Instructables page.

You can also download the pdf of the instructions here.

The bed is designed it so that it can be disassembled into parts that are small enough to carry around during the day and that is simple enough to put together in less than 5 minutes.

The upper section is made from 4 pieces which slot into the 3 pieces of the base so that it overlaps and stays together. There are 4 more base supports and these right angles provide stability for the bed, which, as long as it is kept dry could last for months.

It is important to get properly strong cardboard to avoid damage during assembly. It needs to be at lest 2-ply, rigid and large enough to make each piece. We have found that boxes from bike shops are great and they are happy to let us take it. It’s important to carefully assemble and disassemble it to prevent the card bending and needing to be replaced.

Click this to get the simple instructions for when you already have the templates made.

Click above to get the assembly instructions to hand out with each bed.