Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get some of these beds?

By making them! This is the only way we can provide these beds for homeless people. You have all of the instructions in detail available on this site so just get a craft knife, a tape measure and a pencil and get making them!

How can these be useful if it rains?

By getting large pieces of plastic from packaging and wrapping them around the bed so that the water can't get to them. If the card still gets wet and damaged, replacement pieces can be cut out simply enough and given out again.

Where can we get the card from and what is the best kind?

Ask at your local shops, especially places that sell large items. We found bike shops to be the best as they have large, strong boxes with card that will last for months if it is looked after.

Can I sell these?

Absolutely NOT!​ These are to help people who have next to no money and this is the only limitation on this design. The plans are free for anyone to use but they can only be given out for free.

How can we find the people to give the beds to?

We strongly recommend that you link up with groups that already work with homeless people: soup kitchens, homeless charities, maybe church groups or outreach groups who take food and clothes to the people. This is because homeless people suffer a lot of abuse from some members of the public and they understandably don't trust some people.

If you link up with a group in your area, they will collaborate with you to get the beds given out and you can get to know the service users.

Where should we make the beds?

The best scenario would be to set up a workshop that is linked with a homeless group, like at a soup kitchen. This makes it easier for the users to get a new bed and any replacement parts. Ideally, the users themselves will be taught how to make them for themselves, which is very important for their own well-being; people prefer to be able to take care of themselves rather than depend on others so invite them in to learn how to make them.

How can we tell you about what we're doing in our area?

Either on the facebook page or send us an email. We'd love to show some photos of your achievements and hear your stories so please get in touch and also share your tips about what you did that worked well.